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The Conference Proceedings are published within the framework of the conference and represents an inseparable part of the project. Nikolaus Riehl, Frederick Seitz. Âûïóñê I. Öõàêàÿ, Ë. N À Çàñëàâñêèé, À. Çàñëàâñêèé, Ö.

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Çàñëàâñêèé, Â. For example. Freeman, MaTSU. Canal Rays to Ion Implantation Radiation Effects,v. In the paper the historical facts are presented that had an effect upon the development of thermoelectricity and the generalized approach applied to description of the thermoelectric energy conversion based on thermoelectric current induction resulting from them.

The analysis of the thermoelectric material science problems is performed. The rational areas of thermoelectricity applications for the levels of figure of merit obtained are determined.

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The prospects of thermoelectricity development following from the informational and energetic theory are given attention to.

The examples of mass thermoelectricity applications are provided. Key words: thermoelectricity, generator, current, temperature. Introduction Essentials of thermoelectricity are traditionally connected with the name of Seebeck, who is thought to be the author of the effect named after him.

The effect is reduced to the emergence of thermoelectromotive forces in nonuniform electric circuits where the temperature balance is violated. It was reproduced in a great number of laboratories Fig. It finally resulted in his wellknown experiment Fig. He reported on it to Berlin Academy of Sciences on August 16, It was received with great enthusiasm.

The said effect attracted attention of Oersted, a famous physicist who discovered the magnetic interference of the electric current, as well. Apparently, Oersted paid attention to the fact that the Seebeck effect appears only at use of couples of materials that conduct electric current. He assumed, therefore, that the Seebeck effect had electrical nature and was caused by passing the electric current through the circuit of two dissimilar materials.

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The latter confirmed the presence of the electric current in the circuit Fig. Further development of thermoelectricity followed a simple and easy to understand model of the Seebeck effect implementation in the form of a conventional thermocouple Fig.

Thermocouple model This very model served as a basis for both the theory of thermoelectricity and its various practical applications. In blast furnaces, for instance, it is used to control the steel fusion process.

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Short-circuited currents occurring in the melt caused magnetic fields creation that were registered by magnetometers and were used for obtaining information on the processes taking place inside furnaces. The model is a free-form conducting medium with optional properties. The medium is influenced by the external physical fields.

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With the certain geometries and properties of the external fields, short-circuited currents due to heatto-electricity energy conversion are induced in it. The following condition serves as an indicator of such energy conversion where is the electric current density vector, which can be determined from the Maxwell equations and heat and energy conservation laws: 12 Based on 6 and all variants of thermoelectric media and external fields where thermoelectric energy conversion takes place can be classified.

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The results of such classification are presented in Table 1. It is sometimes called a thermoelectricity periodic table. From the expression of the generalized Faraday law of electromagnetic induction can be found The first member in the second part 5 describes the current induction in an alternating magnetic field, whereas the second one describes the current induction of the thermoelectric nature.

In these expressions and are electric resistance and thermo EMF tensors; the rest of symbols are quite well-known ones. In the absence of a magnetic field the expression 5 gives the law of thermoelectric currents induction which provides the most generalized description of the thermoelectric energy conversion. Generalized model of energy converters development As it is evident from the Table, there exist variants of media and influences that favour thermoelectric energy conversion.

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Out of all, only 4 variants enjoy practical applications nowadays and 15 more are under study, whereas the rest have not been studied yet. The most interesting and functionally abundant variants of conversion are, though, the ones that have not been studied.

It is but natural to come to the conclusion based on this review that thermoelectricity is still at the initial stages of its development and practical applications. At least one new type of a thermoelement can be found from every cell of the Ooo bridge trading mos that differs from conventional ones, especially from thermocouples. A search in this direction is being carried out by way of computer methods of Table1.

Physical fields and media that favour thermoelectric energy conversion occurrence 13 solution of so-called inverse problems of thermoelectricity aimed at finding optimal temperature fields in thermoelements at the set current distributions in them Fig.

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Inverse problems of thermoelectricity Over 20 novel types of such energy converters have already been found which extended the thermoelectricity elemental base. Let us consider some of those. Spiral thermoelements Inhomogeneous media. Based on the above approaches, a Bi-Te-based thermoelement was developed of functionally graded materials Fig. Spiral thermoelements 1 —spiral coils; 2 — spiral of coils 1 ; 3 —electromagnetic spiral The inhomogeneity computed ooo bridge trading mos is presented in Fig.

A spiral was formed of such a coil Fig.

The ability of building up voltage in a thermoelement by simple increasing the number of coils in a spiral similar to that in electrical devices is notable here Fig. And it is but natural, as spiral thermoelements follow the generalization of the Faraday law for thermoelectric processes 4.

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Thermoelectric generators based on spiral thermoelements The method of this thermoelement fabrication seems also attractive Fig. The inhomogeneous rod with the central aperture is fabricated by the extrusion method; the spiral is formed by way of cutting the rod up to the middle on-the-mitre with the help of a diamond cutting tool. The absence of junctions in such spiral devices makes them more reliable as compared to conventional soldered modules.

However, a passive shunt spiral is mounted on the spiral to ensure its reliability. Such thermoelements open the possibility for applications of thermoelectric generators under conditions with very large shock loads up to - g.

A set of such generators with the power of 0. Anisotropic media. Spiral thermoelements can be developed from single crystals with the thermo EMF anisotropy. The heat source is situated inside the spiral and its outer surfaces are temperature-controlled. A spiral element fabricated of CdSbwith the material volume about 0.

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It replaces tens of thousands of thermocouples connected in-series. Spiral element of anisotropic material Fig. Spiral thermoelements technology 1 — extrusion, 2 — spiral preparation, 3 - spiral thermoelement, 4 — spiral redundancy When used as sensitive heat flux sensors, such thermoelements appear to be of special interest.

A set of microcalorimeters was fabricated on their basis whose ultimate sensitivity was up to W Fig.

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They find their application in microbiology, pharmaceutics, for substances degradation processes studies, combustible materials calorific power, at the environment bacterial pollution etc. Microcalorimeter with anisotropic sensors Fig. The majority of scientists and researchers ooo bridge trading mos with thermoelectric equipment have been oriented at the application of the classical thermocouple element model within the last 70 years.

Some tendencies of this trend development will be considered later.

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Thermoelectricity based on thermocouples It is a common knowledge that energy applications of thermoelectricity are connected with applications of semiconductors. Increase in semiconductor thermoelectric materials efficiency within the last 75 years Fig. It is the key factor the efficiency of thermoelectric devices depends on, so the efforts of the researchers were, naturally, concentrated on the improvement of its value.

The presentations on thermoelectric materials substantially outnumber those in other branches. Despite this, the successes in Z growth ooo bridge trading mos very modest Fig. For practical purposes only materials developed as early as 50 years ago are used. The results like these allow making a quite realistic prediction that dramatic increase in the figure of merit in the nearest future is not likely to happen, therefore there is every reason to pay more attention to prospects of practical applications of thermoelectricity where the level of the figure of merit of materials already obtained is considered.

Obiettivi delle opzioni engines efficiency 15 Let us, hence, consider thermoelectric generators competitive ability with their additional advantages in reliability, lifetime, noiselessness etc.